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Yoga for the Pelvic Floor

“Pelvic floor” refers the intelligent, powerful, dynamic layers that span the inner pelvis. Pop culture tells us we are too “loose,” and need to engage these muscles more, but that’s often not true. Many people of all genders have tight, gripped, compressed pelvic floor muscles which not only create weakness, but also contribute to a slew of other problems such as pelvic pain, digestive issues, decreased sexual enjoyment, enlarged prostate, incontinence, and prolapse. Fortunately, regular well-informed yoga practice can make a huge difference to diminish or avoid these problems. It keeps the inner pelvis buoyant, vitalized, healthy and happy. To bring stability to this special area we need t

Yoga for E-motion

Taking a deep breath does so much more for us than most people realize. Deep breathing is directly intertwined with the nervous system and relaxation response in our bodies. By simply breathing consciously throughout the day we can begin to rewire the brain’s conditioned response. Whether we are dealing with stress, anxiety, depression, grief, trauma, PTSD… intentional breath is a key factor in healing and allows our being to come back to baseline, to understand that it’s not in danger, and to allow energy to move through us rather than staying frozen within. Our bodies and emotions are so intertwined that if one aspect of our being is disturbed this imbalance can ripple out and overwhelm us

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