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Asana: Gateway to Consciousness

Yoga operates on the premise that we as humans function through two primary vehicles: the mind and the physical body. To a great extent the mind relies on sensory information from the physical body to create its view of the world and to allow the vehicle of the physical body to interact with the world. The mind informs the body how to interact with the world, and the sensory information taken in through the physical body informs the mind, in somewhat of a feedback loop. As the mind has the ability to create in purely abstract terms, it relies on the clear function of the physical body to help affirm the accuracy of its creations.

To maximize the effectiveness of the physical body's ability to reflect clearly to the mind and its creations, the body should be as balanced and integrated as possible. For this we employ asana practice, developing awareness of the organization of the muscles and bones, organs and breath. As our practice unfolds, it ultimately sheds light on how asana practice interfaces with the mind, consciousness, and prana (life force).

Asana: Gateway to Consciousness

by Kim Schwartz


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