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Divine Touch

Ahhhhh... what do we all need right about now, after so many long months of isolation? When I studied Reiki in India, back in 2007, the first thing our guru asked us was, "What do you do when someone needs help?” It's such an obvious answer. It's touch! You put your hand on their shoulder. That simple fact left a profound impact on me as I journeyed down my wellness path. In India, touch is how respect is paid to elders (touching their feet). For many of us, touch is our primary love language. It's so versatile and important to cultivate emotional touch vs. discriminative touch. We use emotional touch to connect and we use discriminative touch simply to get information. Ninety percent of this practice is intention and 10% is technique. That is where we come in! We'll teach you some tricks of the trade that enable you to offer a loved one the transformative gift of touch. A few of the many benefits are: rejuvenation via increased circulation, anti-aging, detox and the balance of the sympathetic and parasympathetic nervous systems.

A little healing touch can go a long way! It is the gift that keeps on giving because you, yourself will be in different yoga asanas while performing this practice for your partner. Together, you will sync your breaths and both enter deep states of mindfulness. The giver is the sun and the receiver is the moon. Gentle palming, thumbing and tractioning practices are employed using not just your hands, but your feet, knees and elbows. Often after such a treatment a client will say, "I didn't even know I had that part of my body!"

Discover what's possible and how to brighten lives using this powerful method which stems from Ayurvedic medicine which swept down through South East Asia during the time of Buddha. You don't have to be a massage therapist or a healer to join. All you need is a few yoga mats with enough space to spread three of them across and one each at the top and bottom. Also, for your practice set-up, grab a few blankets or rolled towels, some pillows (for your sides), an eye pillow and a little bit of your favorite balm or lotion. Wear loose clothing, no jewelry (if possible) and have digested any meals. Now we are ready for Divine Touch!

Divine Touch

by Natalie Ritenour


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