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The Cosmic Mirror

An astrological birth chart is a map of the heavens for that singular moment in time when someone or something is born. It shows the position of the planets and signs of the zodiac, from Aries to Pisces, with the Earth at its center. The chart is basically a map of symbols that show our potential. Like the picture on a pack of garden seeds , it shows what we might become. It does not guarantee that we will fulfill our potential. This depends on our choices and the consciousness we bring to our life.

Astrology is the cosmic mirror to help you become more self aware. In seeing yourself, you are somehow seen and validated, sometimes by a part of yourself which you may have lost sight of. The birth chart then visually connects you to your life story, while your character is revealed to itself.

For any story to ring true, it must resonate with something greater, with some universal human theme. The planets, as well as the gods and goddesses they are named for, symbolize and embody these universal themes and aspects of human psychology. Venus, for example, symbolizes our yearnings to love and be loved, to enjoy ourselves and bring pleasure to others. While Mars symbolizes our impulse towards action and assertion, energy and passion. So, astrology is really a symbolic language, a language of our psyche, and of our soul.

The Cosmic Mirror

by Doreen Siracusano

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