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Yoga Teacher Training: Discover Who You Truly Are

The High Desert Yoga Teacher Training provides a safe and nourishing environment for students to explore their body/minds as they go deeper in their practice. In my own case, yoga teacher training helped me become clear of my habitual patterns and beliefs, awakened my humanity, and became a pathway for great change and transformation. Truthfully, it was a life-changing experience that allowed me to view the world differently and enjoy the subtleties of living as my awareness awakened my being. It is my hope and mission as a teacher to enable every student who takes this training to experience the joy that I found and to walk the path of healing and contentment that is our birth-right here

excerpt from "Iyengar Style Yoga with François Raoult"

“It was karma,” says François Raoult, that put him on the path of teaching yoga. “My teachers left. I liked yoga, but I kind of got put on the spot [to teach] and I had to respond to it.” Now François gives workshops nationally and internationally, and will be coming to High Desert Yoga next month. In discussing what we can expect from our personal practice of yoga, François says, first of all, know that yoga is not a cure-all: “You don’t cure back pain. You may minimize it. You will be happy walking around doing what you want to do.” Secondly, we need to have realistic expectations. A well-rounded practice of forward and backward bends will be sufficient for most people. “You may not need a

Yoga for Your Period

I never thought that Yoga would lead me to actually enjoy having my period, but this has truly been the case. For many years I dreaded the crampy, sleepy, moody days of my menstrual cycle, which always seemed to sneak up on me at the worst possible moment. Then, a couple of years ago, I integrated the Iyengar Yoga menstrual sequence into my daily practice, and it has made a huge difference. Because the sequence involves deliciously relaxing, nurturing poses, I’ve taken that essence into the rest of my life. During my period, I minimize responsibilities and allow myself to rest. It’s like a mini-vacation from my otherwise busy and ambitious schedule, the oasis at the end of my monthly journey

The Value of Yoga Teacher Training

More than anything, yoga is a system of practice, not a belief system or one requiring faith. Many refer to it as a science. I would lean toward calling it both a science and an art. I have been teaching yoga classes and facilitating workshops and teacher training programs since 1986. I feel that the teacher trainings have always been the most relevant because this is one of the few venues in which students are exposed to the entire system of philosophy and practice, along with the opportunity to directly experience the interplay of all of yoga's components. I find this to be true even for those that have no interest in teaching others. Even though we will all continue to attend classes wit

Yoga for Seniors

“When I am in an asana, I go beyond the chronological and psychological boundary of time.”– BKS Iyengar Yoga is a wonderful and challenging practice, no matter what the student's age. In my senior yoga classes I sometimes hear students say, "I wish I had started yoga when I was younger." It’s true that older folks often have obstacles in their practice of asana (poses), due to joint stiffness, loss of bone density, and muscular atrophy from chair-based lifestyles and poor postural habits. But, there are specific ways for seniors to overcome these limitations: focusing on gentle movement to encourage lubrication of joints and tissues, breath awareness, supportive poses to allow postural patte

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