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Yoga Teacher Training: Discover Who You Truly Are

The High Desert Yoga Teacher Training provides a safe and nourishing environment for students to explore their body/minds as they go deeper in their practice. In my own case, yoga teacher training helped me become clear of my habitual patterns and beliefs, awakened my humanity, and became a pathway for great change and transformation. Truthfully, it was a life-changing experience that allowed me to view the world differently and enjoy the subtleties of living as my awareness awakened my being. It is my hope and mission as a teacher to enable every student who takes this training to experience the joy that I found and to walk the path of healing and contentment that is our birth-right here and now. - Zoreh Afsarzadeh, HDY founder and teacher training co-leader


One amazing thing that I learned during my yoga teacher training is that yoga, with awareness and the breath, is a path into the present moment... which is where I want to be. It’s where all the good stuff is! I remember Kim saying often, simply, “Be aware.” Zoreh helped me to discover who I really am... with no labels and no judgement. And that the body is a miraculous vehicle, but it’s not what we are. We are so much more... infinitely more. - Diana Sahr, HDY Teacher Training graduate & yoga teacher

Yoga Teacher Training: Discover Who You Truly Are

by Zoreh Afsarzadeh and Diana Sahr

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