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The Benefits of Practicing Inversions

Inversions, poses that turn the body upside-down, practiced regularly and safely help to restore the nervous system. Shoulder Stand (Salamba Sarvangasana), otherwise known as the mother of all poses, has an incredible nourishing effect on both the circulatory and glandular systems in the body. While extending all the limbs upward, the action of the pose helps flush impurities out of the body and strengthens the immune system. Headstand (Sirsasana) has many of the same benefits as Shoulder Stand as well as being deeply restorative and meditative to the mind. Some variations of headstand help to release tension in the diaphragm, heart, lungs and throat area while toning the legs. There are al

The Aparigraha of Asana

Each of us lives in a mind-body complex that takes its current form from our responses to the biological predispositions at birth and to life experience. Each of these responses has a purpose that is sustained with some degree of intensity for some period of time. Challenges may arise if these patterns are held after they have outlived their usefulness. The practice of releasing them is called aparigraha. Asana can be a profound tool for this release as the physical body has, to varying degrees, taken the shape of these predispositions and responses. Though asana practice may create greater range of motion and strength, those are not goals. Yogasana practice is about becoming an integrated b

The Healing Vibration of Sound

At some level, all life is vibration, and sound is a product of vibration. Some sounds have the ability to heal, something that has been known and practiced as far back as 6th century China (as part of Oriental Medicine) and is still used today in Hindu and Buddhist temples throughout the world. The vibrations that produce sound cause a resonance in the cells of the body which moves energy and fluid and removes blockages. In addition, hearing sound activates the vagus nerve, stimulating the parasympathetic nervous system (sometimes called the "resting and digesting nervous system.") This increased parasympathetic activity improves functioning of the heart, lungs, and other organs, facilitate

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