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The System of Yoga

To gain the most from this brief article, we suggest reading it slowly three times.

The system of yoga is essentially a users manual for being human. Yoga proceeds from the premise that humans are consciousness embodied, spirit having a human experience. Yogic practices serve to integrate the primary aspects of being human while offering a protocol for the inevitable transcendence of the human experience. Yoga acknowledges that the mind and body are the primary vehicles though which consciousness functions and offers various methods for using these tools effectively. Yoga offers a matrix for understanding and experiencing the nature of perception, cognition and sense of self, as well as insights about how this sense of self can assist or inhibit us in becoming more integrated beings. Part of this process is to address how that sense of self participates and interacts with the inner and outer worlds. Some of the ways in which we interact, though inseparable parts of life, are best used with appropriate discernment in order to maintain balance while others can be more freely cultivated. All of this is seen through the lens of causation, with consideration of the interaction between the dynamic elements in time-space. With these practices and understanding, we may more easily attune to the totality of consciousness that is our true nature.

The System of Yoga

by Kim Schwartz

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