Poco mas desde México....

After our week together in the gentle warm climate of Troncones and its surroundings, we felt blessed indeed to have shared this time. What a delight to practice yoga outdoors, yet sheltered from sun and rain with the sound of the ocean background our teachers' instructions. There were adventures galore: boogie boarding and body-surfing, stand-up paddle boarding, releasing baby sea turtles into the sea, kayaking, hiking, shopping, snorkeling, sharing incredible fresh, delicious meals, singing, dancing, bicycling, and of course, exploring asana and pranayama in new ways. Indeed, words cannot describe the shift in consciousness so many of us experienced, but that doesn't stop us from sharing our feelings.

"Peaceful, loving, exhilarating... reached me beyond what I thought I was capable of." – Lani G.

"This experience has been energizing and educational. The environment is peaceful and soothing ~ beyond beautiful!" – Jan A.

"The teachers and the entire group beautifully supported one another. I felt my body and soul strengthen and relax in newer and deeper ways. Truly a valuable experience!" – Julie M.

"Troncones has become a healing place for me. It has beach, sun, beauty, and YOGA. It's like the best yoga summer camp!" – Carolyn

"Cleansing, refreshing, joyful... reconnected me to my deeper spirit." – Jim K.

"Inspiring, cleansing, joyful thoughts and intentions... euphoric in so many ways!"

"Deep self-education." – M.S

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