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Yoga for Women

What is Yoga for Women? How is Yoga for Women different from a regular yoga class?

In principle, a yoga class tailored for women, which includes and welcomes transgender and/or queer women, allows and facilitates a space where each woman can practice yoga in a way that honors her body, her needs, and her unique self-expression. These classes honor and promote well-being, balance the female reproductive system, and address the singular concerns of soon-to-be and new mothers. Yoga for Women adds to and enriches the female experience through intention-setting, meditation, asana, pranayama and free expression of movement inspired by intuitive awareness and the practice itself.

A class for women addresses issues affecting women— women’s health, emotional and grief-related trauma, and balancing the demands and pressures of family, career, and lifestyle. We often consider women in mythologies across traditions which inspires insight about our own lives and generates dialogue among women in the class. I offer tools and support for each woman to discern her own needs and identify the adjustments and modifications for her practice and in her daily life. I encourage every woman to channel her unique voice and energy through body, mind, and spirit in a yoga context she chooses, which fosters precious cultivation of her own empowerment and well-being.

Yoga for Women

by Cynthia Casas

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