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Yoga del Pacifico

Nestled between the Sierra Madre Mountains and the Pacific Ocean lies Troncones, a seaside village with a population of 500 permanent residents, which has maintained an unspoiled sense of isolation and old-world charm. Its beach and nearby Sierra Madres abound in ecological treasures which can be accessed by hiking, horseback or kayak. Eco-tours are available with native guides eager to educate those who want to experience a place in Mexico where nature reigns and peace is the pace of life. Troncones is the setting for Yoga del Pacifico, High Desert Yoga's Mexico home-away-from-home. The dream child of HDY founder Zoreh Afsarzadeh and her husband Charlie, Yoga del Pacifico's architecture was carefully designed to complement the local environment and most of the building materials came from the local area. Zoreh shares the story of collecting stones used in some of the flooring. "We went with our builder to a beach to collect the stones to use in our floors and walkways. Everyone in his family joined in the search for the most perfect stones. When I told him I wanted lots of white stones, he asked me how many white stones I saw. Not many. So we changed the design to use more dark stones."

Four-petaled lotus on the bottom of the swimming pool at Yoga del Pacifico is an example of the selective use of rare white stones. Now, twice each year Zoreh hosts a week-long yoga retreat at Yoga del Pacifico. Students come together twice a day for yoga classes in the covered open-air studio, enjoying practice on dark mahogany floors. Delicious meals, prepared by a gourmet chef, and plenty of opportunity for exploration and relaxation, make this the perfect break from the routine of busy lives and a reset for mind, body and spirit.

Yoga del Pacifico

by Nishtha Jane & Dale Kappy

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