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The Value of Yoga Teacher Training

More than anything, yoga is a system of practice, not a belief system or one requiring faith. Many refer to it as a science. I would lean toward calling it both a science and an art.

I have been teaching yoga classes and facilitating workshops and teacher training programs since 1986. I feel that the teacher trainings have always been the most relevant because this is one of the few venues in which students are exposed to the entire system of philosophy and practice, along with the opportunity to directly experience the interplay of all of yoga's components. I find this to be true even for those that have no interest in teaching others. Even though we will all continue to attend classes with other teachers, one’s own practice is the pivotal aspect of the system of yoga. So if each of us has the proper tools, we will ultimately be our own best teacher. – Kim Schwartz, HDY TT Lead Teacher

Both the HDY 200- and 300-hour Teacher Trainings and assisting in trainings have been life enriching and transformative for my body, mind, and spirit. I feel more connected to myself and others. I’m better equipped to perceive, explore, and sometimes resolve, my anomalies and issues. Through my evolving practice I feel more balance and serenity.

I am eternally grateful to HDY, its teachers, students and the system of yoga. – Doreen Siracusano, HDY Teacher, Student, TT Assistant

The Value of Yoga Teacher Training

by Kim Schwartz and Doreen Siracusano

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