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The Chakras

In Sanskrit Chakra means ‘wheel’ or ‘circle of movement.’ There are seven main Chakras or energy centers in the human body, which can be thought of as junction points between consciousness and physiology. Very briefly they are:

The 1st Chakra—Muladhara Located in the tailbone and pelvic floor area Associated with stability and survival

The 2nd Chakra—Svadhisthana Located in the lumbar/sacral area Associated with creativity, sensuality, sexuality and intuition

The 3rd Chakra—Manipura Located in the diaphragm, digestive system, and middle back Associated with self-esteem, will and personal power

The 4th Chakra— Anahata, also called the “Heart Chakra” Located in the chest/upper back Associated with love, joy, and trust

The 5th Chakra— Vishuddha Located in the neck and jaw area Associated with communication and self-expression

The 6th Chakra— Ajna Located between the eyebrows at the Spiritual Third Eye Associated with insight, imagination and wisdom

The 7th Chakra— Sahaswara Located at the crown of the head Associated with clarity and pure awareness

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The Chakras

by Niki Feldman

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