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Daily Pranayama Practice

Committing to daily pranayama (breath work) has been a profoundly nourishing self-care practice for me. I am consistently amazed how even 10-15 minutes of slow, deep, conscious breathing, while lying on the support of carefully folded blankets, can dramatically clear and uplift my perception and stabilize my emotions.

BKS Iyengar says pranayama purifies the mind! Regular asana practice has laid the groundwork for my stability, focus, calm, and feeling energized, but I am still amazed at how profound working with the breath can be.

As a working mother, finding time for practice can be a challenge, so it’s essential that I prioritize making time for my practice. Pranayama nourishes me, and therefore my children, work, projects, relationships, and everything else, in direct and essential ways.

“The endless struggle of being a woman and a mother, being tied to her work and her duty, trains her to face the world and its dualities with equanimity. For all this, a woman has to pay a high price physically and psychologically in her role of mother... Stabilization of the physical and mental states is achieved by asana and pranayama. Her salvation lies in practicing them.”

- Geeta S. Iyengar, from Yoga: A Gem for Women

Whether you are a mother or not, whatever you are growing and nurturing in your life will benefit from committing to yoga and other forms of self care. See you soon for delicious, rejuvenating asana and pranayama practice!

Daily Pranayama Practice

by Avery Kalapa

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