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The Power of Sound & Movement

Let us consider the incredible musical instrument that is the human body. Our bodies are constructed with a system of energetic lines called nadis. As you may be discovering, the nadis are activated in asana practice by creating a balance of actions—lengthening through the skeletal system supported by muscular strength. The flow of energy through the nadis and other parts of the energetic system of the body, the meridians and chakras, is the source of health and well-being of our body-mind-consciousness.

Sound vibrations create movement, initially in the energetic currents of the body. Sometimes you may choose to respond physically to this energetic movement, at times almost automatically, like tapping your foot to the rhythm of a song. Or you may move more volitionally to the sound of music in dance. Whether it is carefully executed or more freeform, in order for dance to be truly enjoyable you need to “feel the music,” yes? And it is on this subtle energetic level that music is felt. We can create sound using the body, musical instruments, or the voice. The power of singing and chanting can be transformative as the vibration of vocal chords creates reverberations that are transmitted through the energy systems of the body, strongly affecting consciousness. Another way of experiencing the movement of energy in response to music or sound is to be completely still. Notice what you experience lying in savasana while a beautiful piece of music is playing. Or you can practice being completely still with the absence of external sound. No movement, no sound. And still there is movement; there is sound.

The Power of Sound and Movement

by High Desert Yoga

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