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Deepen Your Practice

Deepening your yoga practice is like sending roots into the earth, creating stability for your body/mind. Know that your practice is your own because no two people are alike. In terms of the practice of asana (poses), your best guide is ultimately your own “felt sense.”

However, most of us have become so accustomed to our compensation patterns that anything different, even improvement, can feel strange. This is where a patient yoga teacher with good understanding of alignment is invaluable.

But practice doesn't end when class is over. See if you can practice (what you felt in class) in your life. It may begin with noticing how you stand, walk, and sit. Then you may begin to experience the relationship of the breath to the structure of the body as you learn to let the organs relax.

The goal of practice is to be present, to feel what actually is, to sense obstacles and let them go... bit by bit. Regardless of the level of your asana practice, this process of exploration may lead you to embrace yoga as a way of life.

Deepen Your Practice

by High Desert Yoga

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