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Ahimsa, Venus and a Waxing Crescent Moon...

The waxing crescent moon glowing in the evening sky reminds us of the cyclical changes of the autumnal season and the opportunity to go "inside" and begin again. Venus, who greets us first in the evening sky, in astrological terms represents physical aspects of love and relationships. As Venus makes her path back to the sun, then returns to the earth again on Nov. 4, re-emerging as the morning star, she symbolizes spiritual aspects of the "divine feminine." Venus's re-emergence goes right along with a recovering recognition of the divine feminine in all of us.

Every moment is a new beginning and everyday the "good-old universe" puts reminders in our path to renew our best intentions and begin anew. In particular, our relationships are often our greatest teachers, including those people or instances with whom/which we may have/ have had difficulty. Our yoga practice can help us to find our center so difficult situations create a minimum ripple in our nervous system. Our wise teachers encourage us to gain a larger understanding that "the other person suffers too," This awareness helps us not to take a difficult situation personally, and out of our understanding, compassion for the other person becomes possible.

In classical yoga, we are reminded to practice Ahimsa (non-harming) in all of our thoughts, words and actions. Ahimsa, the first of the yamas (ethics), is sometimes referred to as the "jewel above the head of God," This seemingly simple, yet often in reality difficult, practice holds such important implications in our relationships.

So... on this bright New Mexico fall morning, the waxing moon and the transition of Venus encourage us to remember our connection with the divine feminine, to begin anew in every moment and to return again and again to Ahimsa and the practice of non-harming- extending kindness, respect, forgiveness and renewal in our relationships.

In gratitude of Sanga and the support of the yoga community, I leave you with this poem today from Zen teacher Thich Nhat Hanh that reflects on the opportunity for profound practice in our relationships.


You are me, and I am you.

Isnt it obvious that we “inter-are"?

You cultivate the flower in yourself, so that I will be beautiful.

I transform the garbage in myself, so that you will not have to suffer.

I support you; you support me.

I am in this world to offer you peace; you are in this world to bring me joy.

Ahimsa, Venus, and a Waxing Crescent Moon...

by Jude Rowe

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