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Yoga for the Chakras with Niki Feldman

Join Niki for this live online class focusing on yoga poses to balance the chakras.

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Yoga for the Chakras with Niki Feldman
Yoga for the Chakras with Niki Feldman

Time & Location

Apr 13, 2020, 12:00 PM – 1:00 PM

Zoom Meeting

About The Event

There are seven Chakras, or energy centers, in the body that can become blocked or over-active from long-held tension, low self-esteem, or over-stimulation. Practicing yoga poses that correspond to each chakra can restore balance in the corresponding area and promote healing and personal evolution. 

In Sanskrit Chakra means ‘wheel’ or ‘circle of movement’.  There are seven main Chakras or Energy Centers in the human body. They can be thought of as junction points between consciousness and physiology. Yoga is one of the ways to keep the Chakras balanced (not blocked and not hyperactive). 

Muladhara (1st Chakra) is located in the Tailbone and Pelvic Floor area. It’s associated with Stability and Survival.  When open we feel peaceful, protected and secure. When blocked we feel anxious and worried.  Supportive methods include Foot, Calf and Hamstring stretches/ Standing poses on both feet.

Svadhisthana (2nd Chakra) is located in the Hips/Low Back. It’s associated with Creativity, Sensuality, Sexuality and Intuition.  When open we can go with the flow of intuition, create, and easily accept pleasure.  When blocked we feel uninspired and dry. Supportive methods include Hip/Groin openers, Regular downtime or playtime, Being nice to yourself.

Manipura (3rd Chakra) is located in the Diaphragm/Digestive System/Middle Back. It’s associated with Self-Esteem, Will and Personal Power. When open we are Confident and can manifest our intentions and desires. When blocked we are Fearful and Frustrated and can be Paranoid or Hostile. Supportive methods include Sun Salutation, Twists, Deep Breathing, Dancing and Sensible Risk-taking.

Anahata (4th Chakra) is located in the Chest/Upper Back and is also called the Heart Chakra. It’s associated with Love, Joy, and Trust. When open we feel deeply connected to others and inspired to give love. When blocked we are lonely, shy or unforgiving. Supportive methods include Chest, Upper Back and Shoulder openers and Focusing on Love/Gratitude.

Vishuddha (5th Chakra) is located in the Neck/Jaw area.  It’s associated with Communication and Self-Expression. When open we easily speak our truth. When blocked we censor ourselves and hold secrets. Supportive methods include Neck stretches and Sound Making (humming, singing, chanting).

Ajna (6th Chakra) is located between the eyebrows at the Spiritual Third Eye. It’s associated with Insight, Imagination and Wisdom. When open we trust our inner wisdom and guidance. When blocked we have self-doubt and distrust. Supportive methods include Supported Forward Bends, Movement with closed eyes and Positive Visualizing.

Sahaswara (7th Chakra) is located at the Crown of the Head. It’s associated with Clarity and Pure Awareness. When open we feel Inner and Outer Beauty, Equanimity and Bliss. When blocked we feel blame, lack and judgement. Supportive methods include Meditation and Cardiovascular Exercise.   Chakras may be mysterious but we can learn how to be more aware of each part of our body and optimize our chakras.

Niki Feldman has taught yoga for 21 years and practiced Massage Therapy for 25 years. She is still amazed by the strength and resilience of the human body, as well as the body-mind connection.


Schedule Details

Monday, April 13, 2020

12:00–1:00 PM

This class repeats every Monday April 6 through May 18, 2020, one class for each chakra.

April 6: 1st Chakra

April 13: 2nd Chakra

April 20: 3rd Chakra

April 27: 4th Chakra

May 4: 5th Chakra

May 11: 6th Chakra

May 18: 7th Chakra

Online Class

This class will take place on Zoom. Register at least 30 minutes beforehand; you will receive an email with the Zoom link at the end of the registration process.

Please join the Zoom meeting 10–15 minutes before the class begins.

While you do not need a Zoom plan to participate, you can set up a free Basic Zoom Plan to practice using Zoom.

Price Options (Please purchase April 13 class only.)

• Regular price: $13.00 (includes tax)

$1.00 off for Seniors Age 65 and above: Use Coupon Code "Senior65+"

• Equity scholarship: $3.00

• Supporting Angel: $25.00

Want to donate a different amount? Use the donation button in the footer of any page on our website.

If you have a current class package with us, we will hold those classes for use when the studio reopens. If this delay presents financial difficulty please email

* Ticket price includes 7.875% NM gross receipts tax and 2.9% Paypal transaction fee.


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