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Dharma Talks with Kim Schwartz

Join Kim for this series of four one-hour talks on rich topics of yoga philosophy. offered the last Friday of May, June, July and August (5:00–6:00pm MDT).

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Dharma Talks with Kim Schwartz
Dharma Talks with Kim Schwartz

Time & Location

Jun 25, 2021, 5:00 PM – 6:00 PM MDT

Livestream Workshop Series

About The Event

Join Kim for this series of one-hour talks on rich topics of yoga philosophy. The four talks in this series will be held the last Friday of the month in May, June, July and August. As the information is somewhat cumulative, enrolling in the full series is highly recommended but not required. Recording links will be provided to all registered students and available for 5 days after each session.

Dharma Talk 1 : Vrttis - "Who do we think we are and why do we think these things?" 

This talk focuses on the nature of perception, cognition and sense of self. The vrttis are the various aspects of perception outlined in the yoga sutras. We will explore how these various aspects of perception and cognition can be processed and organized to create our experience of self. We will also look at how the senses, nervous system and culture affect this dynamic. How we create and interact with our sense of self is the pivot point of how we relate with and interact with our world internally and externally.

Dharma Talk 2 : Klesha - obstructions to quieting the turnings of thought

Kleshas are constructs of human consciousness that could inhibit its ability for clear perception. These constructs are essentially endemic to sentient beings. As such, it can be helpful to reflect on these qualities to better understand how they affect our decision making process.

Dharma Talk 3 : Yamas - actions to be controlled

Yamas are actions that are aspects of human interaction that present in thought, word and deed. Though these actions are an inseparable part of how we interact with life, they need to be employed with great discernment as they are ultimately unsustainable. Understanding their functions and the roles they play can assist us in using them appropriately. They are the first of the eight limbs of practice outlined in Patanjali's yoga sutras. They provide a foundation that informs how to best approach the other seven limbs.

Dharma Talk 4 : Niyamas - qualities and actions to be embraced  

Niyamas are the second limb of practice as outlined in Patanjali's yoga sutras. They are either qualities of being or actions that can be experienced and employed without inhibition. When understood and embraced can assist in creating a life that is harmonious with the ever changing dynamics of life. However as they are the second limb of practice, they are best understood when seen through the lens of the yamas.

Kim Schwartz was introduced to eastern philosophy as a child and began studying yoga in 1971 at age 18. In 1981 he met his Guru and began more formal studies in the yoga sutras and other aspects of yoga philosophy. Around that time he was also introduced to the Iyengar system of asana practice. In 1985 he was certified to teach yoga through the Temple of Kriya yoga. He was ordained a Swami in the Kriya lineage in 1986. He has taught ongoing yoga classes, teachers training programs and workshops here and abroad since that time. Though asana and pranayama have become primary disciplines, the philosophy of yoga is still at the heart of his practice and teaching.

Schedule & Enrollment

Dharma Talk 1 - Vrttis : Friday, May 28, 2021 5:00–6:00pm MDT

Dharma Talk 2 - Klesha : Friday, June 25, 2021 5:00–6:00pm MDT


Dharma Talk 3 - Yamas : Friday, July 30, 2021 5:00–6:00pm MDT


Dharma Talk 4 - Niyamas : Friday, August 27, 2021 5:00–6:00pm MDT


Price Options

Regular price : $16 single session

Equity price : $9 single session

Supporting price : $25 single session

*7.875% New Mexico gross receipts tax and 2.9% non-refundable tranaction fee added at check-out.

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