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The Cosmic Mirror

An astrological birth chart is a map of the heavens for that singular moment in time when someone or something is born. It shows the position of the planets and signs of the zodiac, from Aries to Pisces, with the Earth at its center. The chart is basically a map of symbols that show our potential. Like the picture on a pack of garden seeds , it shows what we might become. It does not guarantee that we will fulfill our potential. This depends on our choices and the consciousness we bring to our life. Astrology can help you become more self aware by creating a mirror for you to reflect upon. In seeing yourself, you are somehow seen and validated, sometimes by a part of yourself which you may h

Yoga for the Hibernation Season

Although December is a busy, extroverted time of year for many of us, the Earth, the trees, and the natural world around us are drawing deep into a necessary cycle of rest: replenishing and repairing from the past year, gaining fresh vitality for the coming cycle of growth and magnificent creation. Pressure to constantly produce, improve, and consume are very real in our modern world, but we, too, need real rest and dormancy. We need time to relax, feel, integrate, and restore, not only our biological being, but also our minds and hearts. Healing cannot be rushed. Too often in our culture, wellness is associated only with diet and exercise, a paradigm that can drive us to conform to an exter

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