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Have You Met Your Psoas Yet?

“The psoas represents the deepest instinctual qualities of energy in the human being. It is from the area of the psoas that wise [people] ground themselves. With an integrated, well functioning psoas comes a quiet safe haven to move from and be within.“ - Liz Koch The psoas major is the only muscle to directly connect your upper body (at the mid back) and lower body (at the inner femur). If the psoas is tight, your hips become stiff and pushed forward, your low spine can become compressed, and there is a tendency to grip in the kidney area, which stimulates a stress response in the adrenal glands. The psoas is part of hip flexion, but it has a deeper role in our sense of well-being because i

Kinesthetic Intelligence

We navigate this earth in bodies that have amazing mechanisms to give us feedback about our moment-to-moment experience. Our ability to discern the meaning of this feedback and respond skillfully is a gift of our nervous system. The nervous system’s most basic job is to keep us safe by perceiving our environment, external and internal, and making choices about how to respond to these perceptions. In 1983, the Harvard psychologist, Howard Gardner, outlined the theory of multiple intelligences. Over the years, there has been much praise and some criticism of his theory by psychologists and educators. He was basically speaking to our varied strengths and tendencies as we take in information. So

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