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Prenatal Yoga as Birthing Preparation

Preparing for birth can be an exciting, and sometimes stressful, process. Many women enjoy the benefits of weekly prenatal yoga to help settle the nerves, build community, and find relief from the discomforts of pregnancy. In addition, practicing yoga with a trusted birthing partner helps stimulate the release of oxytocin, a very powerful and important hormone, which is released during skin-to-skin contact and when we feel warm and safe. And it is the release of oxytocin from the pituitary gland that stimulates uterine contraction so labor can progress smoothly and naturally. Thus, the deep connection with the birthing partner and the sense of safety it facilitates are invaluable for moving

The Chakras

In Sanskrit Chakra means ‘wheel’ or ‘circle of movement.’ There are seven main Chakras or energy centers in the human body, which can be thought of as junction points between consciousness and physiology. Very briefly they are: The 1st Chakra—Muladhara Located in the tailbone and pelvic floor area Associated with stability and survival The 2nd Chakra—Svadhisthana Located in the lumbar/sacral area Associated with creativity, sensuality, sexuality and intuition The 3rd Chakra—Manipura Located in the diaphragm, digestive system, and middle back Associated with self-esteem, will and personal power The 4th Chakra— Anahata, also called the “Heart Chakra” Located in the chest/upper back As

The System of Yoga

To gain the most from this brief article, we suggest reading it slowly three times. The system of yoga is essentially a users manual for being human. Yoga proceeds from the premise that humans are consciousness embodied, spirit having a human experience. Yogic practices serve to integrate the primary aspects of being human while offering a protocol for the inevitable transcendence of the human experience. Yoga acknowledges that the mind and body are the primary vehicles though which consciousness functions and offers various methods for using these tools effectively. Yoga offers a matrix for understanding and experiencing the nature of perception, cognition and sense of self, as well as in

Zoreh Interview on Well-Woman Show

Click HERE to listen as Giovanna Rossi interviews HDY founder Zoreh Afsarzadeh on the Well Woman Show, celebrating International Women's Day. Zoreh shares her views on how mindfulness can strengthen our sense of self and help us claim our space in the world, how to stop giving from a place of lack, how to start feeling beauty from within, and how to bring harmony to mind, body and spirit. This interview originally aired on KUNM (89.9 FM or on March 8, 2019. View newsletter

Process Work and Aging

Mainstream American culture doesn’t always value the wisdom of age, and the later stage of life is primarily viewed through a negative lens. Process Work, a Jungian-based, mind-body system developed by Arnold Mindell, views older adulthood as a singular stage of life containing both meaning and purpose. Process Work both asks and answers the question, “What’s good about being older?” Health issues and other life disturbances are not just seen as difficult experiences, but as opportunities for growing in wisdom. Process Work includes some theory along with experiential exercises designed to uncover the meanings of both our dreams and body symptoms. This exploration encourages curiosity, play

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