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Daily Pranayama Practice

Committing to daily pranayama (breath work) has been a profoundly nourishing self-care practice for me. I am consistently amazed how even 10-15 minutes of slow, deep, conscious breathing, while lying on the support of carefully folded blankets, can dramatically clear and uplift my perception and stabilize my emotions. BKS Iyengar says pranayama purifies the mind! Regular asana practice has laid the groundwork for my stability, focus, calm, and feeling energized, but I am still amazed at how profound working with the breath can be. As a working mother, finding time for practice can be a challenge, so it’s essential that I prioritize making time for my practice. Pranayama nourishes me, and the

Tips for Self-Care

Practices for self-care abound. In this age of information-overload the biggest challenge can be keeping it simple. Try starting with one practice that you can easily sustain for a period of time, to see how it works for you. In the spirit of simplicity and tried-and-true, here are a few tips for self-care from some of the High Desert Yoga staff members. Treat yourself to Abhyanga, an Ayurvedic daily practice that pacifies the nervous system. Massage your entire body with organic food-grade oil and then take a shower. As you massage, you may wish to repeat an affirmation, such as “I love my body” or “I’m willing to take this time for myself.” - Deva, HDY teacher One of my favorite self-ca

The Power of Sound & Movement

Let us consider the incredible musical instrument that is the human body. Our bodies are constructed with a system of energetic lines called nadis. As you may be discovering, the nadis are activated in asana practice by creating a balance of actions—lengthening through the skeletal system supported by muscular strength. The flow of energy through the nadis and other parts of the energetic system of the body, the meridians and chakras, is the source of health and well-being of our body-mind-consciousness. ​ Sound vibrations create movement, initially in the energetic currents of the body. Sometimes you may choose to respond physically to this energetic movement, at times almost automatical

Deepen Your Practice

Deepening your yoga practice is like sending roots into the earth, creating stability for your body/mind. Know that your practice is your own because no two people are alike. In terms of the practice of asana (poses), your best guide is ultimately your own “felt sense.” However, most of us have become so accustomed to our compensation patterns that anything different, even improvement, can feel strange. This is where a patient yoga teacher with good understanding of alignment is invaluable. But practice doesn't end when class is over. See if you can practice (what you felt in class) in your life. It may begin with noticing how you stand, walk, and sit. Then you may begin to experience the re

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