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Tips for Self-Care

Practices for self-care abound. In this age of information-overload the biggest challenge can be keeping it simple. Try starting with one practice that you can easily sustain for a period of time, to see how it works for you. In the spirit of simplicity and tried-and-true, here are a few tips for self-care from some of the High Desert Yoga staff members.

Treat yourself to Abhyanga, an Ayurvedic daily practice that pacifies the nervous system. Massage your entire body with organic food-grade oil and then take a shower. As you massage, you may wish to repeat an affirmation, such as “I love my body” or “I’m willing to take this time for myself.” - Deva, HDY teacher One of my favorite self-care practices is Pausing, taking three conscious breaths with awareness. If you are feeling entangled emotionally, look up at the sky and breathe, noticing how you let go with each exhalation. - Doreen, HDY teacher

Give yourself plenty of Rest and Digest time by fasting for 11 to 12 hours at night (i.e 7pm to 6 or 7am). Sigh several times per day... breathe out tension by exhaling fully. - Niki, HDY teacher Create a dedicated space for your home practice. Having your mat and props ready will encourage you to practice yoga daily, maybe even more than once a day. - Bill, HDY teacher My crucial self-care processes are afternoon naps to renew my energy and epsom salt soaks to ease tension and sore muscles. - Supriti, HDY teacher Hydrate! Before breakfast, flush your system with plenty of pure water, perhaps beginning with a cup of warm water with a little lemon or lime juice. Each day drink at least 80 ounces of water, herbal teas, or coconut water (high in electrolytes) or half your body weight, whichever is more. - Nishtha, HDY teacher Daily pranayama (breath work) is a profoundly nourishing self-care practice. Even 10-15 minutes of slow, deep, conscious breathing, while lying on the support of carefully folded blankets, can dramatically clear and uplift your perception and stabilize your emotions. - Avery, HDY teacher

My favorite self-care tip is to plan a weekend camping trip away from city lights so you can enjoy the starry night sky and truly connect with the earth. Invite a loved one to join you, pack lightly, and give yourself permission to move as slowly as you like, letting nature restore your enthusiasm to meet life's demands. - Maria, HDY marketing

Tips for Self-Care

by High Desert Yoga staff members

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