Teacher Training

300-Hour Program

The Decision to Teach

Students of the 300-hour teacher training program refine their practice of asana while beginning or continuing the process of becoming teachers. This training presents and fosters the integration of more subtle movement and energy concepts, as well as introducing new skills that are unique to teaching. The 300-hour training begins with a brief review of the information from the 200-hour course and then expands on communication skills, class sequences, adjustments, therapeutic applications, and philosophy.


If a 200-hour certificate has already been acquired, this training also qualifies the practitioner for the 500-hour registration with Yoga Alliance. For those who have not previously completed a 200-hour training, this training meets the Yoga Alliance 200-hour requirement; after this training this student needs 200 additional hours to be eligible for the Yoga Alliance 500-hour registration.


Please email or call us at 505.232.9642 to be notified once dates for the next 300-Hour program are determined.

May 17–Dec 15, 2019  300-Hour Syllabus





Areas of Study


Yoga Practice

  • Review and integrate the 200-hour lessons into practice

  • Yoga for special needs: therapeutic, restorative

  • How asana, pranayama, and awareness affect and are affected by the psychology and physiology of the practitioner


Anatomy and Physiology

  • Further exploration of the effect of asanas on the organs and of the organs on asana

  • Yoga as a diagnostic and therapeutic medium

  • Subtle anatomy: chakras, nadis, bandhas, and prana

  • Primary pranayama

Philosophy & Ethics

  • In-depth study of precepts and concepts covered in the 200-hour training

  • Ethics and concerns of teaching and running a studio

Teaching Skills

  • Learn criteria to assess a student’s practice

  • Cultivate and apply verbal skills in instruction

  • Continue to develop hands-on skills and assists

  • Theory and practice of class structure for various levels of students and for various effects, i.e. energizing, cleansing, meditative, calming

  • Effective use of the voice

  • Deeper exploration of the path of becoming a successful yoga teacher



  • Continue class participation

  • Observe, critique, and analyze various classes

  • Theory and practice in sequencing yoga classes

  • Practice adjustments, assists, and corrections

  • Student teaching

  • Attend biweekly study group



  • Study and practice essential meditative techniques focusing on concentration and awareness skills

  • Methods to release the mind from fixated thinking, to balance what is reactive, to open the heart and mind, and work with one’s emotions and rationalizations

  • The practice of dhyana and nada yoga: meditation and yoga of sound

  • An optional ten-week course on breath and pranayama usually runs concurrently with the 200-hour program


Teacher Training Special Workshops

  1. Lifestyle: Ayurveda, Part II

  2. Subtle Anatomy: Asana, Chakras, Nadis and Bandhas

  3. Practicum: Restorative Yoga and the Chakras

  4. Practicum: Meditation

  5. Anatomy and Therapeutics: Yoga Therapeutics 



The next 300-Hour Program dates to be announced. Classes meetsapproximately every other weekend. 

The schedule is Friday 6:00–8:00 PM, Saturday and Sunday 1:30–6:00 PM.


300-Hour Fees

Total fee of $3,995 includes tax. Deposit of $995 required.

Monthly installments arranged as necessary.


Yoga Alliance

Successful completion of the 300-hour program and 100 hours of yoga teaching experience since completion of a 200-hour program allows the participant to register with the Yoga Alliance as a 500 Hour Registered Yoga Teacher (RYT-500).


For those who have not previously completed a 200-hour training, successful completion of the 300 hour Program allows the participant to register with the Yoga Alliance as a 200 Hour Registered Yoga Teacher (RYT) and provides 100 hours towards the HDY 500-hour Yoga Teacher Training .





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