Supriti in forward bend, uttasana
partner yoga workshop

High Desert Yoga in the News

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June 2010, Welcoming Mats: Yoga Cancer Care Class is therapy for participants' bodies and souls, ABQ Journal Fit Magazine

June 2010, Flex Time:  Greater Range of Motion can improve performance, ABQ Journal Fit Magazine

May 2010,  Family and Kids Yoga Article, ABQ Journal, Special Sections

Yoga for Back Care, ABQ Journal

February 2010, Athletic Alignment: Special yoga classes target needs of runners, cyclists, and other sports enthusiasts, ABQ Journal Fit Magazine

January 2010, Diet, exercise key to getting back to pre-pregnancy weight and fitness level, ABQ Journal

Winter 2009-10, Athletes and Yoga and Me, Duke City Fit

January 2004, Yoga might be the best therapy for your aching back, ABQ Journal, Mature Life Magazine

January 9, 2004, Yoga eases stress, builds strength in body and mind, ABQ Journal

November 12, 2003, Cancer Patients stretch for relief, NM Daily Lobo