Teacher Training


Zoreh Afsarzadeh

Zoreh is the founder and director of High Desert Yoga in Albuquerque, New Mexico. Zoreh's joyous personality and sense of humor endear her to her students, as does her teaching style that is both nurturing and fun. Her teaching combines a delicate knowledge of the body that allows a compassionate spiritual expression of the postures to emerge. Zoreh enthusiastically shares her passion for combining yoga with exploring the world, inviting students every year to join her yoga retreats in special places like Mexico, Costa Rica, Peru, Thailand, and Greece. She is a registered Hatha Yoga teacher with more than 20 years of teaching experience and a degree in Business Management. She is also a certified Yoga Therapist and Siddha Yoga Meditation Teacher. Zoreh has studied numerous methodologies including Iyengar, Phoenix Rising Yoga Therapy, Anusara and yoga methodology of the American Yoga College.

Kim Schwartz

Kim has studied and taught Hatha Yoga for more than three decades. His lifelong passion for mystical truth led him to become ordained as a swami of the Temple of Kriya in Chicago. He was recently elevated to the position of Maha Swami in the Kriya lineage, enabling him to ordain others as swamis. Kim was director of the Temple’s Hatha Yoga Teacher Training Program before moving to New Mexico, where he continues to direct High Desert Yoga’s teacher training program. He is registered with the Yoga Alliance as an E-RYT 500. He is recognized by many well-known yoga instructors both as a “master of his art” in personal practice and as a true “teacher’s teacher,” one with the ability to communicate the timeless truths of yoga on many levels in a way that enables instructors to pass this wisdom on to their own students.

Patti Lentz

Patti has been a physical therapist for more than 35 years and a yoga teacher for almost 10. She is a lifelong learner, and creative in the process of integrating her vast studies as a PT and the wisdom of yoga. She brings together experience in manual therapies, trauma resolution, sensory integration and yoga wisdom in ways that make yoga accessible to everyone... no matter the challenge. In her private practice as a physical therapist, Patti utilizes a depth of understanding and curiosity to assist her clients become more empowered in their bodies. As a yoga teacher, she assists students in becoming more creative and curious in personalizing their yoga practice. She also teaches yoga teachers to be more skillful when working with students with challenges.

Heather Lee Farrell

Heather (RYT 500, PYRT)  teaches students to delve deeply into unexplored parts of themselves, through an integrated approach. She focuses on proper alignment with stability and openness encouraging change in the body through the power of breath and intention.  Trainings and certification in perinatal yoga, doula labor support and childbirth education has added a depth of knowledge to perinatal classes and prenatal yoga teacher trainings. Heather also specalizes in Yoga Nidra and deep relaxation, Meditation and Breathwork and Mindfulness.  Her specialized athlete's yoga program creates an environment that is challenging yet enhances muscle flexibility, joint stability and alignment, and core strength to increase power, speed recovery and inhibit injury. She offers loving thanks to her many teachers, family, and friends, knowing “that it is in the shelter of each other” that we live.

Melissa Spamer

Melissa, RYT 500, has been practicing yoga for seventeen years and teaching for twelve. She studied extensively, participating in trainings in the Greece, India and Bali as well as in the US. Her approach is very intuitive and organic. She weaves together a rich tapestry of inspired teachings from such celebrated teachers as Angela Farmer, Victor Van Kooten, Rama Jyoti Vernon, Shiva Rea, Kali Ray and the students of Desikachar. She invites her students to attune to the natural flow of energy that guides all of life. Melissa is also an Ayurvedic practitioner, somatic and expressive arts therapist and has directed her own 200-hour RYS.