Yoga Parties

Yoga Parties are for Everyone!
Kids and Adults 

Host a unique birthday party or event in one of our two yoga studios.  Our parties include fun, creative poses, breathing techniques, yoga games and even relaxation time all centered around the event or person being celebrated!  Plus, our yoga parties are not just for the little ones...we throw the most amazing yoga bashes for all ages!

Our yoga parties for kids and teens include a yoga class, ceremony, music and dancing for a 1 hour and 30 minute time period. Come 30 minutes early to decorate and set out refreshments! We offer yoga party themes for children and teens such as goddess, mountain hike, space party and more!

Our Yoga events and parties for adults also include a yoga class tailored to your needs and can include a special yoga ceremony to honor the celebrated individual.

You can purchase a Yoga Party below. If you have any additional questions, contact us for more information about our incredible parties and events!

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