Art Gallery

Begins June 27th, 2015

Antidote: Contemplative Painting by Andrew Fearnside

Ignorance, aversion and attachment are native to the human mind, afflicting everyone everywhere with a kind of poison. The antidotes of wisdom, compassion and acceptance are also native to the human mind, available to everyone, everywhere, always. I am painting as a vehicle for my practice of these antidotes. I am painting because it the most effective use of my sense mind, thinking mind, heart mind, and soul mind I have found thus far in years of wandering. These paintings provide mirrors of our minds in contemplation. They offer us fields of color, rills of texture, jewels and dung heaps. They aim to lead our darting eyes into spaces that are sometimes dark, and sometimes golden, just like mind. Like the deposition of sediment or the repair of an old garment, these paintings grow physical and metaphoric depth through layers. Fleeting thoughts breed or collapse as they will, returning again and again to the ground of basic awareness. These small works in acrylic over plastered panel make use of texture, vivid color, and strong contrasts to tell stories of curiosity, pause, and illumination.

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