Teacher Training

200-Hour Program

Self-Study and Deepening the Practice

Students in the 200-hour teacher training program embark on a journey deeper into their practice and themselves. For many, the decision to join the program marks the first time they accept a more rigorous schedule of study and a more comprehensive definition and experience of the practice. By experiencing the system of yoga as a whole, students have the opportunity to discover more subtle dimensions of themselves inside and out. Students will be given a classical yogic framework with which to re-evaluate habits and patterns in mind and body. With these insights, the practitioner may more easily examine the relevance of these habits in the present. This course is relevant to anyone wishing a deeper understanding and practice of the system of yoga, even if teaching is not a goal.

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Areas of Study

Yoga Practice

  • The purpose and function of primary asanas in the system of yoga
  • Creating a context for understanding commonalities of the asanas and reasons for their differences
  • Deconstructing the asanas into their component parts
  • Asanas and their relationship to gravity
  • Breath awareness

Anatomy and Physiology

  • Functional anatomy and physiology of neuromuscular-skeletal and cardiopulmonary systems
  • Relationships of anatomical systems and how asanas affect and are affected by these relationships
  • Understanding the various in muscular actions as they relate to movement and stability

Philosophy & Ethics

  • Yamas and niyamas: guidelines for a life of integrity, tranquility, contentment, and harmony with our internal and external environment
  • Theory of karma and dharma: causation and balanced living
  • Vrittis and kleshas: modes of perceiving the world and obstacles to meditation and practice

Teaching Skills

  • Learn to demonstrate asana effectively with awareness of your own body
  • Introduction to verbal skills
  • Introduction to visual evaluation skills
  • Learn to make poses accessible to all students through use of props, modifications, or alternatives
  • Learn Sanskrit asana names and their correct pronunciation
  • Consideration of the qualities of an effective yoga student and teacher


  • Participate in classes
  • Observing sequences in classes taught by others
  • How to use touch in partner work and assists
  • Attend biweekly study group


  • Study and practice essential meditative techniques focusing on concentration and awareness skills
  • Methods to release the mind from fixated thinking, to balance what is reactive, to open the heart and mind, and work with one's emotions and rationalizations
  • The practice of dhyana and nada yoga: meditation and yoga of sound
  • An optional ten-week course on the breath and pranayama usually runs concurrently with the 200-hour program

Teacher Training Special Workshops

  1. Ayurveda Workshop
  2. Yoga for the Whole Body
  3. Yoga Anatomy and Asana
  4. Creating and Sustaining a Home Practice
  5. The System of Hatha Yoga: Theory and Practice

Successful completion of the 200 hour Program will allow the participant to register with the Yoga Alliance as a  200 Hour Registered Yoga Teacher (RYT).